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Saturday, May 2, 2009


First off: I know this might step on toes because alot of people may be mis-informed, or know of someone that may have abused them. BUT, when used properly WITH, I repeat, WITH a diet and sound nutrition plan-they CAN be beneficial. Are they for everyone, NO! Are they for some people, YES. Some can react beautifully to them, when they use them as directed with exercise and clean eating. There are some fatburners with no stimulants if that's not your thing. Keep in mind the one with stimulants are usually equivalent to 2 cups of coffee. I know people that start the day with WAY more than that. Also, you MUST cycle your fatburners. You can't take them every day for the rest of your life. It's usually 3 weeks on, 1 week off, at the very most. And usually only before cardio workouts. So, if used properly, you should only take them 2-3 times a week, and ALWAYS assess your tolerance to them. Meaning, you should always start with the lowest dose, and see how you react. I've been taking fatburners for years off and on, and they give me great results (with clean eating, protein supplementation, creatine, and working out), and I always take half the dose recommended. But, that's just me, and how I like to do things. However, I do agree the marketing for Hydroxycut and others is very misinforming, like all you have to do is take a pill and lose weight. I wish they could/would change that.

Yes, the FDA has recalled Hydroxycut-and it's receiving bad rap all over the place. You will see on other supplements that you take..shakeology, slimming formula, even some vitamins, "this product has not been approved by the FDA." Which means that every day, they are trying to wipe out all these products. It takes A LONG time for this to happen, which is why you have only seen hydroxycut get the ax lately. Let it be known, they are going after all the products you know and love too, even protein shakes. CRAZY?! Yes, it is. I know people that take fatburners all day, no working out, eat crap food, sit at a desk all day and pop pills to try to curb their appetite. This, my friends, IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT. You will see in the doubles program of P90X that they recommend doing CardioX on an empty stomach in the AM. When I was training for a figure competition years ago, it was just a common and safe thing to take a fatburner in the AM, empty belly, and do 20 minutes of cardio, then do weights in the PM. It's a great strategy for quicker weight loss, and I know that from first hand experience, and it's been YEARS of success on my part.

So that's my opinion, take it as you want, it's just my experience and knowledge on the "hot topic" right now in the fitness industry.


Jade said...

Great post Demi.

Just a quick question - in your opinion it's ok to do cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the am? That's what I do, but keep hearing otherwise. I simply can't eat anything that early in the am, and refuse to get up an additional hour earlier just to eat before I work out (and can't workout later in the am).


Demi Eliese said...

Thanks Jade. There's alot of misinformation out there. But it is in there in the P90X doubles routine.."CardioX in the Am on an empty stomach." So, I think if it works for you and you feel good, keep on keepin on! :)

kenewayne said...

Great post! I took the ORIGINAL Hydroxycut (had to order from Canada!) when it first came out, and got amazing results....still, the results weren't as good as day 90 of P90X!! Bet I'd be "shredded" if I had done P90X back then! Eat clean. Workout. Take your supplements, but don't be dumb! Thanks Demi!! :O)

Demi Eliese said...

exactly! don't be dumb! took the words right out of my mouth, lol!! :)