Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Safety on those knees!

I've seen people completely trash their carpets in their houses, or go barefoot during some workouts-YIKES! Especially on workouts such as Plyometrics, proper form, proper shoes and the proper surface make all the difference. A glucosamine supplement can also help if your knees are extra stiff. This video explains alot of that.

Also-This is a picture similar to what I work out on. I would recommend nothing less than a 4X8 section of blocks, which luckily for me, came in one package ($20 bucks at Sam's club-but you can get them in a variety of places) and can be put away quickly, or just kept where you want it. Make sure you have carpet gripper underneath, you don't want to slip slide away while doing plyo on these things! You'll also find that moves like the "Dreya Roll" and many others are much more comfortable on your spine and you'll just feel more comfortable working out overall.


Alissa said...

I need some of those!!!

Single Mom in the Suburbs said...

I have those in my basement for my kids - funny how I never thought to use them for myself! I'm guilty of working out barefoot at home, but will make sure to wear my shoes from now on! Thank you for the tip!

Demi Eliese said...

I couldn't imagine working out on anything else-it feels just like the rubber matting they use at the gym..I see people in the videos doing plyo straight on hard wood, and it makes me cringe inside. I've never had an injury (knock on wood!)and I think it's really in part to these rubber puzzle blocks!