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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I guess 3 days is what it takes

For babies to sleep through the night in new situations a.k.a. a new move to a different living location. We gave her a loving, calming night routine, complete with a baby massage, which she LOVED, until we got to her feet, she started giggling uncontrollably! When I put her down, I could tell she was really sleepy, and she did cry, a little bit (maybe 10 seconds at most!) and she went to sleep on her own! She didn't wake up until almost 7 AM!! She didn't wake up once, I couldn't believe it myself, I was so proud of the little booger.

We're now hanging out, and she's quietly playing while I write this quick blog. We've never been big "toy" people (they just tend to accumulate like crazy over the years) so we keep a small collection in a basket in the corner of the room and rotate the items every month, to keep it fresh for her. Today, I've noticed she could care less about toys. She's now all into kitchen items. I gave her a wire wisk this morning, and she was in AWE. I then gave her a pot to bang with it, and wholly cow-I thought she would just have a heart attack over the excitement she was having. Talk about saving money too! The one thing I might succumb to is those "toy" kitchens for kids when she gets a bit older, it seems she has a penchant for all things kitchen, so we'll see!

I'm skipping YogaX this week-maybe I'll do it this weekend, we'll see. I know, bad coach am I, you can slap me on my wrist now! I'm going to do Ken Po Cardio X when she goes down for her nap-it's short and very sweet, and I know I'll get it done before she wakes up. 90 minutes of Yoga is pushing it during nap time! Hope everyone has a blessed day!



Jen said...

Hey sweets, I love it that you skipped yoga. Reminds me of that you do have a wee bit of imperfection. Of're replacing it with something instead of JUST skipping now you're back up to the perfection status! he he he
HOORAY for a sleep-filled night! A baby massage? How sweet! You are such a good mama! And I love the toy rotation thing. My kids have wayyyyyy too many toys and 90% of them NEVER get touched. As a matter of fact...we have an upstaris game room...giant room filled with nothing but kids stuff and I am seriously thinking about selling a lot of it and making that my work out room. No one hardly ever goes up there. The kids are scared of going up there without an it's just getting wasted. hmmm..... :) I can just see it now...a full wall of mirrors, plyo padding over the hardwood floors, a Brita water station, a rack of nice, clean towels, a flat-screen in the center of the mirrors to watch my DVD's on, a jamming boombox in the corner, a rack for all my dumb-bells. Sounds HEAVENLY!!
(man...if that's my dream-room...I think it may be proven that I am addicted to this exercising thing!) he he he

Demi Eliese said...

Aww thanks girl! I learned the toy rotation thing from a friend-I do it even with my 7 year old-especially during bday's, she knows already she only gets to play with 2, then we replace them with 2 more the following month and put the old ones in storage. Toys can overtake your house-I learned that the hard way with our last house! And, even if the toy is as old as dirt, it will always seem new to them, because they haven't seen them in forever!

Any yes-clear that room out, find a closet somewhere or garage, and just keep a few out for the kids somewhere-and make that room into a workout room! I'm the same way-I would kill to have a room like that, take advantage!! :)