Challenge Packs!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's her 1st birthday today! I can't believe how time flies. She was born at 245am on April 30th, 2008..natural! Owee! What a GREAT year it has been, I love my little nugget! Of course, I had to make a video to commemorate her 1st year of life! Here it is, enjoy!:


Demi Eliese said...

yes, I know that "through" is spelled "throught" in the video. I refuse to change it anymore! It's fine the way it is! haha

Jade said...

Happy Birthday Isabel!!! What a beautiful video tribute!

Annie said...

LOL... tell your little one Happy Birthday fro me! She is so adorable!

Demi Eliese said...

I will, thanks!!

kenewayne said...

What a cool video! And a perfect song...Happy Birthday Isabel!

Jen said...

(Do I ever begin a comment on your blog without that being my first word? :)
Seriously though-WOW! First of all..what a gorgeous little girl! Secondly...what talent you have! That video was beautiful and the!
You were stunningly gorgeous all throughout it! (the kind of cute-pregnant girl I always wanted to be). That one of your belly when you're in the blue skirt(?) and shirt and your belly looks like a gigantic watermelon but the rest of you is TEENSY!

I hereby deem you as the "wow girl" in my book. You wow me all the time!
Congratulations on a year of motherhood to such a beautiful baby girl! Happy First Birthday Isabel!