Challenge Packs!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Balance is a wonderful thing in life. If you believe in it, it can help you prioritize your loves, your dislikes, your helps put things in order and perspective.

The following is what is important to me:

1) My Faith in God-Which is wavering, but always there. Me, personally, I am going through a rough patch in life, but nothing un-conquerable. It's a daily struggle, and a daily JOY, my friend, my Jesus, no matter what, He never judges me. He understands and cries with me when I cry. He helps me get through the muddy water.

2) My marriage-Like any marriage-we have our rough spots. But NO MATTER WHAT-I will try to make it work. And so will my husband. When I am short-pressed, and smug, and don't feel like making it work, he'll pick up the slack, like he has been doing. Hey, it's all about transparency, right? We all make mistakes and have problems, but which is really worse..can you say that any sin is worse than another? I don't know..just thinking out loud. All I know is-I still love him and we will be married forever!

3) My kids-Of course! They are the light in my day, the gift of joy, the gift of patience, the gift of being a leader in my own home...I thank God for them every day.

4) Family-Even though our crazy puertorican family is "off the hook" and "crazazy" most of the time, LOVE is always there, devotion, and selflessness. I saw that this past week with family I haven't seen in years, and it's always like I just talked to ya'll yesterday.

5)Friends-I love my friends with all my heart. I have to be careful with this one. Certain friends are put in your life to "build it up", whether it be your marriage, your faith, whatever..and certain friends can remain stagnant. I have been blessed with really great friends that really care for me, but at the same time I have to remind myself that they are not my number one priority, and I can't waste emotional space when I have too much going on. Above said come before friends. And that's just the way it is. Doesn't mean I don't need them-because I do.

6)MY JOB!-I love what I do, and my family and husband support what I do. Beachbody has come into my life at a great time, with me doing what I absolutely LOVE, and I just feel so blessed that I have this opportunity to help people change their lives and get healthy. I would do this job even if I didn't get compensated-sharing visions and sharing lifestyle choices makes me giddy and happy and I will do it as long as I live! I love that working out IS part of my job and that I am a walking advertisement. It's extra motivation for me when I am tired, or I don't feel like working out, that hey; someone might be looking at me and seeing what I'm doing, If I don't work out today because I'm a little bit tired, than neither am I, kind of mentality might show up in their minds'..and I absolutely do not want that to happen!

So everyone goes through things. Nobody is perfect. People heal. Relationships heal. Health is rejuvenated, and lives are changed. Faith is restored. Is there anything else more important than that?

In Him and Health-Demi


Christina said...

Great post... you poured your heart out and I get it. I don't know what you're going through right now that is making you get certain things in check, but know that you can live victoriously through it all and never waver. Keep standing on His promises and don't let ANYONE steal your joy!! Love ya girl.

joanna said...

Encouraged by you today, Demi- by your FAITH and your devotion to God, your family and your friends. Looking forward to coming to Charleston this spring or summer and seeing you again. You are a gem.