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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Total Body +...and bank balances

I am SO looking forward to this workout, it hits EVERYTHING, fast paced, and sweaty, just like 'real' workouts should be!

Whenever I think of doing my workouts, I always think of it like 'putting money in the bank.' Every time we do something for our bodies, that account balance adds up, eventually equaling big time returns. When we eat unhealthy food, I always think of it like I'm taking alot of money out of my "fitness" bank. We don't ever want that to happen, right?! Eventually, as we plateau, our fitness bank will as well. And that's fine and dandy if you are happy with that. But if you are frustrated, you need to start putting some major deposits in, AKA-Change it up, and work harder! Before you know it, you'll have more than you can possibly need, and that balance just spills out into all areas of your life-like your friends, family, and that occasional cheat meal. Everyone benefits, everyone wins. With just one person taking that step to better personal health.

What's your fitness account balance today?

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Jen said... balance today is probably 0. Not negative, not positive. I don't know if it's a valid excuse...but it's "that time" again and I can't seem to get satisfied eating wise. I'm hungry every 30 minutes it seems....I'm trying to at least eat healthy since I'm eating SO much.
Hearing you talk about these X+ workouts is REALLY making me WANT IT!! :o)