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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's a New Day

Sometimes I feel that I can't get the day started without some form of cardio and weights, and some days I don't feel like doing any of it. Today's one of those days. Though I never choose the latter, :). I do it because I know when I'm done, I will feel like a million bucks, and my day will be better for it. My day will be better because I know I contributed somehow to my health and well being..and lets face it, we all need to contribute to that daily!

When things get out of control, this is the only thing I feel I'm in control of. It has a trickling down effect as well, if I feel better, I'll treat my husband better, my kids,'s very therapeutic; not just for me, but everyone else involved in my life. In hard times, it can be very easy to just say "Eff it," I'm doing my own thing, and I'm giving up. Lifestyle changes, endorphin releases from working out, is all there for the taking. Being there for other people, and helping and being selfless is another way to beat the blues in shaky times such as now. That's what helps me the most is to just encourage and help people as much as I can, whether it's through Beachbody, or life friends and family. To take the focus off your own problems and focus on that really gets me going. I don't know the whole point of this blog post, it's more of what I'm dealing with right now, and how I'm trying to get through things. So yeah, that's it for now. I plan to post some pics of the kiddos later, so check back!

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Jen said...

Hey Demi,
I understand your feelings. I DEFINITELY want to say "oh just screw it!" some days....but you're right...I rarely DO that because I do know that if I don't work out...I'll KEEP feeling like that...but if I DO work out...I'll feel WAY better. You're such an inspiration to me...even with a post like this because quite honestly I wondered if you EVER have a discouraging moment! You're always SOOO hard core (go-go-go) that I feel lazy compared to you. It's good to hear that you're human...but you also don't give in to it...and you push through it. I hope your day gets better!