Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 2-Week 3 of P90X+

So yesterday I got home from PA and immediately did Upper/and Core Plus. Today, I just finished Interval X+, and then 4 more workouts will mark the end of weeks 1-3! :)

What I thought was funny, was that my recovery week in the + program is a typical P90X work week, with one day of CoreSyn thrown in. It's back to Back/Biceps, Legs/Back, ARX, and all that jazz. And that's supposed to be recovery?? Aaah, I'm sure there is a method to the body is definitely changing so something is working right!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have to catch up on reading up on my favorite blogs while my baby takes a nap, so I'll chat later!



J. Branson said...

OK...that sounds like a plan! I'm now really looking forward to "+"!!! Oh yeah! Can't wait until it gets here! With a recovery week like that, I'm all over it. Thanks for that post!

Christina said...

Great, now I'm scared! It sounds so tough but I thought the same thing about X and I've almost made it. I'll make it through + too hopefully!

Missresa said...

My goodness... It sounds brutal! I definitely am planning on doing a couple of rounds before making THAT leap... But I'm glad I can follow you doing it first!