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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2 of P90X+..

I've decided it's day 2 instead of day 1..because I did Interval X last night, and discovered it was on the agenda YAY I survived 2 days! LOL.

Today was Upper Body and some crazy ab, core routine. I forgot the name. My arms, abs, everything is shaking right now, and I can barely type! My recovery drink was gone in .2 seconds and I'm sweating like h*l. That was a GREAT workout!!

Seriously, this program is insane, but I know it will take my fitness to an all new level. I feel like a beginner again..all these moves are so new and so intense, it takes me a little while to really get the hang of some.

I have a wedding to go to next week..I am going to try my hardest to do these workouts (I'm bringing my DVD player this time!) while we are away, or I might have to skip a week. We'll see!

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Alissa said...

Sounds interesting! I'm happy to hear it's even tough after 90 days. It's good to know there is more out there for when you're done!