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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yoga X-Niiiice, totally needed!

I never thought I would say it, but I actually enjoyed it today. Usually, I'm like, "uuuhh, YogaX today, boo!" But I have still pressed play and did it. And today I think there was a major breakthrough as far as balance and everything else. So Yes, I enjoyed it, and Yes, I have totally found my peace of mind :P.

On another note-I think I might really become a Beachbody coach very soon, (Yes, John, I will totally let you know!), because I really want to make a difference in people's health through the various workout programs through Beachbody. Even though P90X IS the best (hey, I'm biased!) I would still love to try all the other ones, and coach people through whatever program they are on. Life is a crazy ride, and it's amazing where opportunities arise. I'm on it though, for the long haul :).

On yet another note-I have decided to go half vegan, half vegetarian, instead of Full on vegan. Definitely no meat, and VERY limited dairy (so I can drink my protein shakes that I love-soy protein shakes are just not up to par with whey protein!). 2 days without meat so far. I feel lighter. Maybe it's all in my head, who knows. I have slept really well these past couple days though. My bathroom habits have changed..I will spare you the details-but it has changed for the better!

On yet ANOTHER note-Family is doing great. Jason is jumping on the vegetarian bandwagon, kind of, which is a start! Even for him willing to try it is great. As far as Alana-no way! She loves what she eats, and there is no way in haides she will eat vegan chicken nuggets-I've already tried to pass them off as such, and there was no fooling her! Isabel is really turning it up in the appetite department..all she wants to do is eat..I just try to feed her as organically as possible and hope she develops good eating habits as she grows. She has her first tooth by the way, and her hair is starting to grow! I will post more pics soon :)


life in a positive direction said...

I am so proud of you!!! Sounds like you just jumped right into yoga and finally found your chi!!! Pretty amazing huh!

Amanda Keller said...

Coaching would be such a great move for you demi! I think it's something you were born to do. You know how to motivate and lead and that is something a lot of people need to help them focus on their routines! Keep me posted what you decided to do!
Also congrats on your new bathroom habits!! haha!!

Jen said...

I seriously considered becoming a BB coach too. I never did decide not to....but I just put the idea on the back burner and it got left there. I too LOVE encouraging people in their quest for health and fitness and I can't think of much else I am THAT passionate about as this!
Gee...if you feel lighter after going Vegan for 2 days...maybe I SHOULD consider doing it! and better bathroom habits to boot? Man....!
Well, I'm glad for you that you enjoyed your yoga! I hope someday, I can say that. For now, while I have kids running around hollering and dogs biting at my hands and ankles---I'll just keep skipping it. I need to find a time to do it when I can be ALL ALONE. (but I hardly even know what that IS!) ha ha

John said...

Good deal Demi...shoot me an email when you're ready!