Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know, I am a cornball. :)

Anywho-I've just completed week 10-as a doubles week-and tomorrow is stretchX. I'm definitely doing the Stretching and going for a light, easy jog to shake things out. The weather here is going to be beautiful, so I gotta take advantage!

So one thing I want to talk about is my past experiences in fitness. For those who know me, know that I used to be really into running. And that's ALL I would do. Run. Run. Then run some more. Me and my hubby even trained and ran/completed the Marine Corps Marathon. Awesome experience, but heck, I was SICK of running to say the least. I still did it, because it does keep weight down, and does wonders for cardiovascular fitness. But I slacked in muscle. I was thin, but flabby. Not good.

So..I became a gym rat. For awhile, it was amazing. I got great results, I was featured in local fitness magazines and everything. Then..things just slowed down and I plateaued. I became sick of the whole, "run on treadmill, lift weights, stretch" routine, day in and day out.

Just in time to break me out of my rut, I got pregnant!! Woohoo! No more workouts for me! I mean, I did try. For a little while. Then I was like, heck, FORGET IT. I'm pregnant, and I'm going to eat whatever I want. Even if it was cheese and icecream at 3 am combined with a half gallon of milk. Baby needs calcium, right?

40 pounds later. 9 months later. I had a beautiful baby girl. And, I was FAT. But hey, I just had a baby, so I didn't feel too guilty. Uhhm, 6 months later..I couldn't quite use the "I just had a baby" excuse. Yeah, 6 months ago!

That, my friends, is where MY transformation began. I (along with probably everyone else) saw the infomercial, and thought about it. Then my lovely friend Jessica told me she was going to do it. I thought, you know, if there ever is a time to do it, now would be good, because then I would have a friend to do it with, and have accountability. Order was made, shipped, and delivered.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I'm all about "bringing the pain" and working out until absolute exhaustion. So when I puked halfway through the first workout, I thought, "Perfect!". This-is exactly what I need.

I kept pushing play. I kept eating what I was supposed to (with a few flubs here and there, but hey, no ones perfect :))..and now, 21 or so pounds lighter, and even more inches lost (which is more important than poundage-remember that!) I am a new person. Sh*t, If I can do plyometrics for an hour-I can do anything! Even my husband won't attempt it after watching me do it one time. Bless his hottie little heart-love him!

This is not just some silly little thing that you do because you just want to look great in a dress or bikini (although-you will!), it's a lifelong lifestyle change. If you are ready for THAT, Let me know. I'm not one for complainers that don't do anything to change their life. When you're done complaining and having a pity party-I can help you. Sounds harsh-but that's reality. Trust me, Tony Horton isn't much nicer. :)


life in a positive direction said...

So, when the heck are you coming over to help me train? You know I so kept up with Dom the other day WITHOUT breaks during plyo. You don't get much more hardcore than that...and I was talking!!! IM READY-HELP ME, NOW. I'm not asking anymore. I have your car and I am not giving it back until you agree to seriously help!

Jen said...

Okay...that should be the new P90X informercial! :o)
You've got me sold on it and I'm already doing it! ha ha
Speaking of...are you going to attempt the X+ next?

Ps. I have to say to your commentor "life in a positive direction" that I am totally IMPRESSED with anyone who can keep up with Dom on the plyo video. My husband calls him the "show off". ha ha...

Does anybody else get sick of hearing Tony call Pam "Blam" and flirt with Drea? haha

KC said...

Great Transformation! That was an inspiring post.
It IS a lifestyle change, and the best one anyone can ever make.