Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I guess this is what Phase 3 is all about!

I'll post some of my past/current stats so you can get an idea:

Before: 142 lbs
Current: 121 lbs (!! as of today) 5"4

I can visually see things tightening. Everywhere. I'm eating better, I'm not addicted to unhealthy carbs anymore, and I "feel" pretty good.

I have not missed one workout. I have thrown in doubles on numerous occasions. And I have followed the diet 99% of the time (sometimes with my own healthy variations; your cheese casserole those 2 times were the only exceptions Jess :) yum!

I am currently almost done with week 9. I'm going to have to do my last week of P90x in Cost Rica (yikes!) so hopefully they have a dvd player in our room!

This is by far the best shape I have ever been in my life. And I'm not even done yet. I am looking at my 9 month old daughter and my almost 7 year old and I can't believe what my body can do. I'm so appreciative of the womanly body as a whole and all we can do..guys are so missing out! haha :)


Jen said...

Okay...THAT is what I wanted to be able to say when I completed this program. Even though I'm 'sort of' on my 3rd time of doing it..I have never done it with that dedication or intensity. The first go round I did it about 90% perfectly...but I did miss a few work outs here and there and did have cheat days occasionally. Which is probably why I didn't get the kind of results you've gotten either! I can't believe you've lost that much weight! That is phenomenal! I KNOW if that me and my hubby would just do it like the program says to...we would have the bodies we've always dreamed of having...but I don't think he wants it THAT bad...and I can't seem to stay focused without him doing it too. Grr..excuses, excuses. Anyway, you are an inspiration for SURE and I can't wait to see your final pics!

Christina said...

Amen Sister! So happy to hear you're having some awesome results! I'm a ways behind you but hoping to push all the way through like you have. Your dedication is inspiring girlie~ way to go! That's a lot of "poundage" you've lost! Good for you!