Challenge Packs!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, my brother from Illinois that I (unfortunately) never get to see since he is so far away, came to visit for 2 days. We had SO much fun last night, this guy is a friggin' musical genious not just on piano..but on Rockband! He can play expert on everything! I almost feel like posting some vids on youtube becuase he has some serious skills! haha. I also had the pleasure of consuming some extremely high end tequila with him that rocked my world! It was yummy. Great night had by the Robles-Bean household last night.

So now I have to do plyo. UUUUHHHG. I am semi-motivated, which is strange, because I am usually 100% motivated. I just can't believe Phase II is almost over and we get to do our recovery week, then finish strong with Phase III. This program has already changed my life, and I just can't wait to see where it takes me down the road. I absolutely want to do P90X Plus-(it's an advanced programs for all the grads).

Can't wait for Beach Season!

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