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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayer, Babies, Missions...

I have two friends that are missionaries now in Nicaragua-Amber and Nathan Babcock. They are amazing. We have shared so many thoughts and prayers via email and facebook and try to reconnect whenever they are in town. I admire them for the life they live for God, they, to me, are fully sold on the message that Jesus gives. He tells us to go into the nations and bring people to Him. All of us of couse aren't meant to be full time missionaries like them, but I think we can do it in other ways too. Right now they are praying their butts off to adopt a child from Nicaragua. I pray that they get their sweet gift because they would make the best parents ever. The love they have for eachother, for the's infectious. They are experiencing hiccups along the way adopting this child because, it's never easy, and plus there are a ton more laws that have been put into effect recently. So they are patiently waiting, and praying. Here is an entry from their blog here, so if you have a minute, please read. Here is one excerpt from there that really identified with me..(It has a "fitness" analogie, and well, I couldn't resist..)

"B. While waiting, pray persistently like a beggar on the streets who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. We’re in a “wait training program,” which is very much like an actual weight training program. What’s the key to wait training? Resistance and repetition. What’s the resistance? The delay. And the repetition? Our persistent prayer. God doesn’t use anyone who doesn’t get into the weight room."

And here's another great one:

C. The longer the wait, the more glorious the results. The best benefits come through waiting. When something has been prayed for a lot it has the power of God behind it! And it may take some time, but when God finally brings it forth it will be beyond anything that you could have thought or imagined!

Pray for Baby Babcock!

And pray desperately, like a beggar in the street, for changes you need in your life. I know I'm going to start doing that!

Love, Demi

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Nathan said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Demi...and your prayers! We appreciate you and Jason so much. You're great friends and supporters.

Have a wonderful anniversary in Costa Rica! Pura Vida!!!