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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Festival of Lights, combined with Cheating

Ah yes, you read right..a wonderful spirit filled evening with my family..and I cheated. With 2 HOTDOGS. Granted, they were organic, turkey on wheat, but STILL. Doubles again tomorrow!

Here are some great photos from the night. We went to the Festival of Lights where they have TONS of lights EVERYWHERE, and a bunch of fire pits where you can roast marsh mellows. These pics seriously crack me up. Alana, the glorious one that she is, with her lips all bugged out so attractive and lady like, LOST HER FIRST TOOTH TODAY!! And that's what she is trying so hard to show you in that pic. She's pretty awesome.

Isabel was just in awe of all the lights. It was pretty amazing I must say. James Island county park does it bigger and bigger every year, and the traffic jam gets a bit longer. We were fancy though and thought instead of being like everyone else and just bring marshmallows, we'd bring hot dogs. That's right Mt. P yuppies, I brought hotdogs. And all your kids were j-e-a-l-o-u-s. Isabel even had a couple bites and loved it! She did so good, didn't cry once, and enjoyed every minute of it all.

My parents of course joined along and they had a great time. I swear though, Alana is still attached at the hip of my father just like when she was a baby. So cute.

Have a wonderful to tired, and I go to bed with a sense of complete fulfillment. There are just some days when you sit down..look around, and think that things are exactly the way they should be. And they are.

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Amanda Keller said...

Looks like you had a blast!! Rob and I wanted to do that tonight but we're going to wait until his parents get into town! Tell Alana congrats on losing her first tooth! Even with one less tooth she's still supermodel!