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Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I am in a foul mood today, but I will give thanks, I have to, I need to..

-My husband. Even though we can get in fights like rabid dogs sometimes (far and few between, but still!) we eventually, and always, do makeup. We are not like Whitney or Bobby or anything, but sometimes, GEEZ we get on eachother's nerves and then we make up like it's going out of style. Valuable info is learned every time and I am always reminded that he really does love me, quircks and all.

-the relationship that Alana has with my father. It's quite remarkable, and I just sit and stare at there interactions sometimes. Plus, she gets whatever she wants from him. Sucker! haha.

-And finally, that we made a last minute decision to spend the weekend at the beach! A dear friend of mine is out of town and said we can use it, so we definately are! Anyone up for dinner on Folly sometime this weekend? Fun times!

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