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Monday, November 17, 2008

Starting to get more traffic..

And I love it! I would HIGHLY encourage you to just say "hey!" if you are here and I will totally check our your blog in exchange!

I did notice that my numbers went down a bit (I hate numbers!) after I changed the name of the website, and let's face it, I am just too dumb to do the "301 direct" thingamajig. So, start from scratch! But I am totally fine with that!

Anywho, some random info: I just finished J's blog and cover letter for his FIRST job. (He has NEVER been an actual "employee", with a boss, and all that jazz. He's/We've always owned companies.) For some reason he wants one..I guess that's to blame on the economy. We still own 2 companies, but lots and lots of customers can't pay ;(--so this is our solution. I gotta say-I am pretty darn good at resume and cover letter writing!! Before I left the Marines, they made us all take this 2 week, 8 hour a day class on how to do it, and I guess I didn't forget much. It is pretty badass though. If he doesn't get a job like asap with what I wrote-I will personally shove it up the employers behind! haha.

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Matt and Brooke said...

I've been outed! How long before you think I'm stalking your blog?