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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ok, I'm listening now

Well today is a day like no other. Seriously. I did my usual cleaning during Isa's first nap of the day (she took an extra long one today too, I think she knew I needed it :). The cleaning today was to include: master bedroom, and master bath. Plus general cleanup around the house. And, the always favorite, baseboards (in Mbath and Mbed). Again, it was crazy, fast forward like cleaning just to make sure I got it done in time before Isa woke up. Surprisingly, as soon as I put the mop away, I hear her gibber-gabbering in her crib. Such a good baby.

Well as I was reveling in good work (I think in another life I would be a housekeeper, pretty lame I know, but I really do like cleaning!) I did, and secretly knowing Jason is going to be way thrilled that I am cleaning sheets today as well, I hear the Voice that I know (or maybe don't sometimes) all too well. "If you put as much effort in to getting to know ME, as you do cleaning, maybe we could be better friends."

I'm sorry, whaaat??? Stops me dead in my tracks, because for me, this doesn't happen often. In fact, this is probably the second real time it happened.

Ok, you got my attention.

"But, part of being this crazy amazing Proverbs 31 woman, I need to keep a clean house. That's what I get from it. Being a stay at home mom and all, Lord, this is what I do!"

"But, you have to keep balance. I know you. I know every hair on your head. I know how much MORE you enjoy doing certain things rather than talking to me..and that hurts my feelings."


"Ok, I get it, I think. I will try harder, And, Lord, I'm sorry. And I'm probably going to dissapoint you many times more. And for that, I'm sorry too. From the bottom of my heart."

"I know. I know."

This was my convo with my Maker today. Sometimes the things we do, thinking he wants us doing, isn't what He wants us doing at all.

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