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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My vain moment for today-judge me, I dare you

So I got my hair did and I gotta say..I look super hottt! I will absolutely put a pic on tomorrow, I'm about to go to bed. :) But before I leave you, I want to give you a gift..a gift of beauty, and even skintone. A gift to go to a land where no undereye circles exist. I've had people comment on my makeup regimine. I give to you..what I do in the mornings:

1. Wash your face. DUH! And wash your face EVERY NIGHT. double duh! I know, redundant, but some people actually don't do that. You nasties! OH and he-LO exfoliate the nasties off your face 2wice a week.

2. Underye Cream. It doesn't have to be superexpensive-right now I am totally diggin Neutrogena's new "Energy Eye cream". The ingredients are exactly what I need, even out my tone, lessen undereye circles, and tighten the area. Nice.

3. Moisturizer. This doesn't have to be uber expensive either. This can take trial and error, really, but you have to find something that reacts well to your skin. Is your skin oily? Is it dry? Are you young or old? Do you have combination skin? My personal fav is Philosophy's "Hope In a Jar." Stuff's amazing! Anybody can benefit from that jazz.

4. Skin Primer. Smashbox skin primer. Prepares your skin for everything! Even if it's nothing at all.

5. Undereye concealer. Use nothing else but "AMAZING COSMETICS" concealer. Trust me, once you use it, you will never go back. You can find it on It's 30 bucks, but it is so worth it. I've been on the same tube for almost a year now, and I'm no where near done. It can cover tattoos. nuff said.

6. Liquid Foundation. Good stuff. Not pharmacy crap. I'm sorry, but I have yet to find one that is good enough to wear all day on my skin and not break out. Some of my fav's are anything by Smashbox, Lancome, or Dior. I know, expensive. But it's your face. And trust me, once you see how it looks, you will beg borrow and steal to get it. Right now I'm using Lancome and I LOVE it! extra note here-if you are not a "foundation" girl (pfft!), mix a couple drops of the actual foundation (that's why you always get liquid!) into your favorite moisturizer....voila! Tinted moisturizer. Specially made by you.

7. Set your foundation with a light powder, especially under your eyes, so it doesn't crease.

8. Do you know what a "W" looks like? Well get your bronzer out and dust on a light covering in that shape over your face. Any more and you will look oompa loompaish. Finish with a very light dusting of radiance powder over entire face. Bare Minerals makes a good one, and so does Lorac.


10. Finish with any gloss in your bag. Also-big trick here, so listen closely. Do you have white eyeshadow? I know you do, somewhere in your bathroom you have it. Get it out. Have it handy. Every day, after all this, get your pinky and dip it in the white shadow and put some in the corners of your eyes, your brow bone, and right down the center of your nose. Also, a light dusting of the white shadow on the upper cheeks, riiiight under the hallows of your eyes. Trust me on this. Your whole face will perk up. If you do nothing else-do this.

Now I know, I didn't include eye makeup, blush, or any of that. This is what I do for the daytime. I know-it sounds like so much. But I look so good when I do it, and my husband likes it alot, so why not? I'm not one to sit around looking like pooopy scratching my booty all day. Now, if you are going out on the town, THE RULES CHANGE. There is your time to be adventurous, with blush, eyeshadows, and all kinds of fun, FUN things that I just love, and you will too! I'll post that on another blog for sure.

This just gave me a GREAT idea to post a video of me doing this, so yes, tomorrow during One of Isabel's naps I will do that (hopefully!) and load it on up. And then, you get to see my super hot haircut! HA!


Amanda Keller said...

Girl you need to work for a magazine and have you own column! I love it! Can't wait to see the video...and the new do!!

The Brace Family said...

hey there! please come over and help me do makeup..let's serisously do a girls night with make up tips! love ya!