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Monday, November 17, 2008

My secret Grey's obsession

Completely unrelated info/news to anything on this blog, but whatever! I'm a HUGE fan of the tv show; Grey's Anatomy. My most favorite story line was the love affair between Dr. Izzi Stephens (played by Katherine Heigle) and Danny Douqette (I totally forget his real name, sorry!..). They were sooooo absolutely sweet together, and of course, he had to die. BOOHOO! Well, now in the current season he seems to be back..but as um, err..a GHOST?? Uh, I don't get it ABC. The last episode ended with Izzie touching his chest and feeling his beating heart, and kissing him. (!). Then the episode ended, wtf???! He kept saying, "I'm here for you", just adding to the rumors that Izzie will be killed off, BUT producers keep saying neigh on the subject. Do you guys watch this show?? Am I the only one?? Well Jason watches it too, and LOVES it. Haha, totally called him out. You can SO make fun of him for it.

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life in a positive direction said...

I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SHOW. I don't definitely made me feel like he was going to be the one to receive her into heaven/afterlife. I TIVO THIS SHOW EVERY WEEK AND SOMETIMES WATCH IT TWICE TO MAKE SURE NOTHING WAS MISSED. Love ya!!!