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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I FINALLY did it...

I ordered this INSANE workout regimen that I've heard nothing but great things about. I am SO READY. I cancelled my gym memebership. It was just too hard for me to get the baby together and myself together-in between naps-and go to the gym. This way, while the baby is sleeping, and Alana's at school, I can work out. That might sound like a lame-o excuse but it is what it is. I used to look hot. I used to look really hot naked. TMI, I know. And I know you're all saying, "but you look fine!" I am at my pre preggo weight, but things are a little jigglier than I'm used to, and I just want to get my butt back in shape. I used to be able to bounce a quarter off my ass. If I try that now, it would probably get lost in there.

So yes, I am starting P90X and all it's goodness, pull-up bar (yikes!) included and some bands. We'll see about the bands. I've used them before and they work good, but I'm a dumbbell freako so I might get some eventually. Wish me luck!

OH-And I wanted to let you know that Thanksgiving went great! We put Isabel in a red santa hat for the heck of it, she looked so cute! Alana was such a well behaved little lady and had her "fancy" dress on for the night-what a doll! And I gotta say-The food made by me and moms was AMAZING. I got my sweet potato casserole recipe down pat! We had a full house with my brother and his whole family and we had friends stop in too. It was such a great night. Of course we all got a litte crazy, but hey, you just gotta every once in awhile!

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