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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

As some of you may know, WE RENTED ARE HOUSE OUT ON SPRING STREET (see above right!!) as of Jan 1st. So we are celebrating everything that we can, in this glorious old, traditional Charleston home.

And of course, where we'll be eating our last Thanksgiving dinner (at this house! see above left!)

I gotta say, it's bittersweet. But I know God has marvelous plans for us that include:

-moving into my parents house for 6 months

-and searching for that perfect piece of land and building our dream home!

-SAVING TONS OF MONEY! yeah! Lord knows we'll need it!

I am SO completely THANKFUL for the Lord allowing us to live in this wonderful house. I feel like we really got the "feel" of Charleston, of the history, and of all the crazy stories that go with this 150 year old house.

Being in our parents house is not just about saving money of course-it will be wonderful just being there again, and they can see the kids everyday all day, and we'll be that crazy puertorican family again, all cramped together! LOVE IT! So I am, of course, so completely thankful for my family. I say it all the time. Because I am!!

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