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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Ok, I just have to write this. It's about the Ezzo's. And about "Growing Kids Gods way" and it will probably piss you off if you are a follower of such. It will be quick and to the point, I promise.

First off, I have many friends that do this curriculum. And I still love them the same! I don't know if they scoff at me for my refusal of such, but even if they did, that's ok. Every parent has their right to do what they beleive is right for their child.

I strongly encourage you to read thouroughly Read the stories of the families and their experiences with it. Some are good, but most are bad. My biggest problem is that it causes divisiveness in the church (and between friends, I personally have experienced that already, and it ain't pretty! It's huge when the church you attend, the actual authors attend as well, so everyone is advocating for these parenting practices). And the title of the book isn't the best: "Growing Kids Gods way" --Since when is it God's way only of raising children? Anyways I'll end there with that.

But the most important thing I wanted to get across is this: All the big milestones of sleeping through the night, dropping naps (what is that?? just let them sleep when they are tired!), feedings, etc..they happen on their own. I was reading through them out of sheer curiousity, and Isabel has done everything the book promises WITHOUT any strategy. My strategy as a parent is to feed her when she's hungry, and let her sleep when she's tired. She is 6 months old, goes to sleep at 7-wakes up at 6:30, drinks a bottle every 4 hours-with some solids thrown in there sporadically, and takes 2, 1.5 hour naps every day. She did this on her OWN, and by reading her ques. No crazy crying it out and no looking at the clock. I swear parents, it can be so much easier. Biologically, babies know more than we think they do, and they won't rebel on us or turn into crazy people, as the Ezzo's have said in their books.

There is a great article here, and thousands more if you google. This stuff is not made up, and there are facts to prove the "contraversy" surrounding the Ezzo's and all their "parenting" OPINIONS.

Another point I want to add: I strongly encourage you to read Dr. Sears' parenting material. I don't really need to say much about how amazing he is, because once you read through his website, and if you purchase one of his books, you will see that parenting can be a JOY, and not a constant struggle to get your baby to sleep 8 hours at 6 weeks of age. Don't buy the Babywise propoganda. Let's start a movement towards attachement parenting and against Babywise!

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