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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Get Ready for some pictures!

I swear, I do have a husband..he's just always taking the picture! The 3 Bean ladies..:)
The first of many report cards, my friends, I give you, Alana's first 1st grade report card! (Wow, alot of 'firsts' in there!) She did so great, we are so proud of her!!
One of my favorite pics EVER of her! Joyous! OH and this blue dress was given to us by her aunt Tanya! Thank you!

Her smile is so gorge.
I love that bottom lip!

I can't beleive that this pic turned out the way it did. It's like she's staring into heaven.
There is always dribble on her chin thesedays.
We breed supermodels.

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life in a positive direction said...

Way to go Alana!!! Good thing you stayed up and studied with her all those hours to GET THAT HOMEWORK RIGHT!!! And Isabel-those pictures are just breath-taking!!! Loved this blog. Now you just gotta do one dedicated to your hubby;) Love ya babe!!!