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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday mornings

AAaahh. There's something about Sunday mornings that are totally relaxing. Jason took care of the baby this morning and alana so I could sleep in as late as I want. I remember back in the day Sunday mornings totally meant something else for me and Jason..::snicker, snicker:: haha! but I can't tell you about that here..things change after a baby! For awhile anyways :). I gotta tell you, I was totally excited! 5:30-6am wakeups can wear on you after awhile! So when I luxuriously rolled out off my marshmellowy mattress I was totally expecting it to be at least 11 am. Nope--8:30 a to the freakin m. OOooh, what a crazy person I am, sleeping in a whole couple hours. Well regardless, it was nice.

Today we have my nephews bday party to go to, good times all around!

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