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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alana update

She was seen by Dr. T again today, and they took another chest xray. They have noticed something else in her left lung, that they are not sure of. Her right lung has improved a little bit they said. She still has a stubborn fever that gets really high at times. Because of all this, they said all they can do is out of their hands here at St. Francis. So they are sending her to MUSC Pediatrics for furthur testing and treatment. We are hopeful at getting to the bottom of this; MUSC Pediatrics is in in the top 10 kids hospitals in the nation. There will be top docs on her case, plus we have a ton of people praying for her-if you are new to this news please join us every day as we pray for our little girl. This is all I have time to write, but I will try to update more as I can.

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