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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I thought I was all big and bad..

Thinking I could pull off a solo outing with babe to baby's r us. Don't get me wrong, it was "semi" successfull, but oh not without a hitch. Everything was good on the drive there, Isa usually falls asleep in the car. But once we got there, she decided she wanted to eat again. So I thought, hey they have a nursing area here, so it should be easy to do. Wrong. Well I go back there and it's a nice room, and I'm by myself. After I feed her, I'm in the middle of burping, thinking, "success!". Until Debbie Downer herself walked in. No joke. She comes in with her baby and heads to the changing table to change a diaper. We start off nice, with usual small talk about our pregnancies and what not. She asks, "How old is your baby?" And I told her 6 weeks. She responds "Wow, my baby is so much bigger than yours, and mine is only 3 weeks old." Wow. I thought she was just a quirky individual that didn't know how to communicate very effectively and didn't think too much of it at first. She then starts to tell me, in horrific detail, how she has an episiotomy from hell, and that she tore from vagina to rectum. Now, I don't mind disgusting labor talk, in fact, I kind of enjoy it, with CLOSE FRIENDS. Anyway, I mumble something about how I barely get out of the house, nursing her and all, and that I'm still getting used to nursing in public. She looks at me like I'm a mutant and tells me that's just crazy, because she was out of the house 2 days after she gave birth. Well that's just great for you. Isabel then decides this conversation annoys her, so to spice it up she pukes all over me. I mean, projectile puke, everywhere. I'm kind of struggling to get myself together, and I'm looking at her with eyes screaming, "can you please help me!" She picks her baby up and says "There must be something wrong with your baby because that is just too much spit up." UUghg! I mumble something about her having acid reflux as I'm trying to get myself together and clean Isa up, and before I know it, she's gone. I felt totally abandoned as I was there cleaning up this ginormous amount of spit up. I'm getting aggravated enough that I actually start to cry and as I look at Isa, she gives me this HUGE smile, and I just imagined her telling me, "it's ok mommy. I still love you, and you're doing great." AAaah. I cleaned myself up, and braved Baby's r us once more. Did I get through the shopping trip without her crying? No. But was the whole experience worth the gloriously long nap she had afterwards, yes! haha. As I was driving home, I thanked God for at least getting an objective accomplished today that involved leaving the house, and said a little prayer for the crazy women in babysrus. I also learned that I can't control everything, and that I need a heck of alot more patience. Though exhausting, these little shananigans ensure that my life never get boring, and remind me constantly that I NEED my Abba to get me through it. Thanks God!


life in a positive direction said...

I am so sorry that happened!!! What a rudy-ruderson!!! That lady pure-tee sucks! I hope that your future outings get better and easier!!! GOOD LUCK-LOVE YOU!!!

Matt and Brooke said...

For some reason that nursing room always brings in the strangest individuals (I mean her, not you, of course, haha:))