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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thrush anyone?

Isa's come down with thrush (fungal infection inside the mouth), which is a result of the antibiotics given to her in the hospital. Which also means, I have it too! (not in my mouth, but on my boobs from breastfeeding her, yum right? ha). Thank God for some meds from the doctor that seems to be clearing it up pretty quick.

I know some of my friends have been wondering where I have been. I remember when I had Alana I didn't really leave the house for about 5 weeks. I'd say the same thing will happen with Isa, it just takes that long for breastfeeding to be fully established and to have somewhat of a schedule to work around when I do finally head outdoors. Right now, our outside activities consists of short walks with the baby in tow, which is really nice. For right now though, it's 'round the clock breastfeeding, burbing, changing diapers, and naps throughout the day/night. It's all very beautiful though! Hard? Of course! But so, so, worth it. This funky newborn stage doesn't last forever, so I'm just appreciating every little detail along the way. :)


life in a positive direction said...

Oh my word! I am so glad to hear that she is getting better so swiftly. What a fighter already. And you!!! Job well done. I am proud of you for finding the time to sit down and blog! Thanks for keeping all of us posted. Love you girl.

The Brace Family said...

keep doing what you are doing and never feel bad for not able to return calls..believe me the time goes by soo fast and enjoy like you are every bit of it..your friends will always be there for you after this is all established to your feel. You are doing an amazing job!!!

whitney ann said...

i love you! enjoy the time with your precious family and as always, let us know if you need anything!

Matt and Brooke said...

How's Isa feeling now? I pray she is all better. Babies are hard enough to care for when they're well, let alone sick. Post some new pics so we can see how much she's grown and how beautiful (just like the rest of the fam) she is.