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Friday, November 16, 2007

Edgar Cayce

A myspace friend sent me this message today, and I thought it was just the coolest thing ever.

There is one other thing I wanted to say to you after finding out about the pregnancy.Yeah, I'm still a fundamentalist Christian. However, before arriving at that door I sought many spiritual paths to find it.There is an individual named Edgar Cayce who was an early 20th century theologian from England. When once asked about soulmates, he stated the following:"There are many paths from which soulmates can meet, but only one true way in this world of ours to understand if the person we are with is infact a soulmate.It takes two people who should be together to make a child. When these two souls meet, and their joining is correct, only then can a child be produced."

Now I realize thata sometimes children are produced in "less than desireable" conditions and situations, but even so, every child is thought of in God's glorious eyes before they are even concieved. There is a purpose and plan for every babe brought into this world. It makes me completely excited and just in awe at the thought of what the child in my womb will do in life, and what his/her purpose is.

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