Challenge Packs!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey guys and gals. This is my first post on the blogging revolution. I feel that this is probably a bit more advanced than myspace and I wanted to branch out a bit. I hope that you find my postings amusing and insightful. Those who know me, know that I mostly only write for me, and I say whatever the heck I want. I like to let people know my opinions, even if its not the popular one at the time. I am no where close to being perfect or having it all figured out, so this is definetely just an outlet for me to connect with people I would otherwise not have. I welcome all opinions, good or bad with regards to what I write. I just don't welcome profanity, porn, or anything sexually explicit. Everything can be written and explained in good taste. And we can have some good viewpoints brought forth.

On another note, I also like to blog about makeup and fashion. I'm a girl, can you blame me? I look forward to the smorgasborg of knowledge and information that will be shared on here.

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